Julian Phillip Siggins

Title: Julian Phillip Siggins
Admitted: 24th Aug 2007
Signed Bar Roll: 28th Apr 2008
Mobile: 0439 407 552
E-mail: jpsiggins@vicbar.com.au
Profile Details:

Julian Siggins signed the Victorian Bar roll in 2011, and specialises in Criminal law and Equity matters.

Julian conducts defences in all types of criminal matters and has experiance in cases involving sexual assault, conspiracy, corporate fraud, tax fraud, and drug offences.

Julian also practices in Equity and Defamation matters with a focus upon the application of equitable remedies and defences in the areas of Trusts and Succession law. He has appeared in matters involving the contest of Wills, Claims for provision from an deceased's estate and Family Law matters involving the distribution of property, third party loans and large trust structures.

Julian is a past contributor to LexiNexis online and has published articles on:

• Wills & Probate

• Succession - Family Provision;

• Equitable Remedies;

• Injunctions; and

• Fraud & Misrepresentation (Cth).

Julian is also a past contributing author to Annotated Criminal Legislation Victoria 2013 published by Bourke's Criminal Law Victoria.